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Attention Storm Chasers!

Did you know that...

If you take your 1099 subcontracted labor to work in another state that's been impacted by natural disasters and they're only working for you on storm-related work,

you might unintentionally convert your 1099 independent contractors into W2 employees. You can face major penalties by the Department of Labor and money due in back wages. It's a federal matter with standards set top-down. The Department looks less at how you classify workers and instead, at the actual circumstances surrounding them and their work.

For a general, quick-glance guide regarding the two classifications, click HERE and then on the attached PDF.

Don't think it would happen to you? That all of this is hypothetical? The proof is in the pudding. Here's a sampling of how pricey this can be:

Don't get caught in your own storm. Contact Us today!

Now you know. Pass it on. All For Contractors is All For You!

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