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California Liens - Hop To It!

Updated: Apr 18, 2020

If you're owed money in California, there is no time to spare. Filing a lien is a very technical and procedure-based process. In California, the time frame to start the process is very early. You have to act quickly!

In a nutshell, you have to serve a preliminary notice within 20 days after first furnishing work. Serving it later limits your recovery to only whatever work or materials you provided in that 20 day window of time before your notice.

This notice is step #1 in the process if you even think you may want to lien should you not get paid.

If you're in California, do not wait! This 20 day deadline is no joke. We can help you jump on this. If you have a mere thought that you might like to lien, please fill out our Contact Form so we can look at your timing sooner versus later and possibly get your notice out the door as quickly as possible. Afterwards, you can have a moment to breathe before the next step, but there can be no step #2 without this preliminary notice as a crucial step #1.

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