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Collecting Your Overdue Accounts

The nature of providing contracting services is that your invoices include cost of materials and labor before even getting to potential profit. In other words, you expend money and time to make money.

We've entered the month of October, which means your accounts receivable (aka invoice amounts owed to you) that arose during the wave of COVID-19 have hit 30, 60, or even 90+ days overdue. In the 90-120 day window of being past due, it becomes increasingly difficult to collect. If you act within a certain time period, you may even have lien rights. Filing a lien is a great step towards payment.

You've been patient, but there can be detriment to waiting too long and being too patient. We have seen a slew of situations where customers aren't experiencing financial hardship. Rather, just trying to work the system to get out of payment.

You have options as to how to address past due invoices, and importantly, we do NOT take a percentage of amounts recovered like collection agencies, which translates into more money in your pocket. We have creative, cost-effective solutions and are here to help you! Accept the olive branch, and don't feel compelled to write off or eat your costs. You've worked hard and deserve to be paid.

Contact us, and we will reach out within 24 hours to discuss your options.

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