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Creator & Builder - Know You Best

"I really love working in the back office on paperwork and taxes.".... said no contractor ever!

You, as contractors, live for the creating and building side of construction and being in the field, not the paperwork and office aspects that come with running a business. It's crucial to know where you thrive and also what you hate or isn't a strength. If the latter, you may procrastinate or simply not tend to it as thoroughly, and that can create cracks in the foundation of your business. A small crack can quickly turn into a big crack involving legal issues.

Delegation is the name of the game. Time is money, and you can only handle so much on your plate. Look at your team and structure. Identify who can generate revenue, as compared to performing administrative tasks. If you hate taxes with a passion, delegate the organization of receipts to either an office person or accountant.

99% of issues we see can be avoided with proper delegation. Avoid those cracks! If you aren't a construction attorney, don't try to write or review a contract. You may think you know what you're looking at, and from the construction standpoint of the materials and scope, you absolutely do - but you don't from a legal standpoint.

Know what you know - know what you don't know - and delegate the rest!

We can create user-friendly, short forms for you to use and spot issues in documents. A gutter guy may know some aspects of electrical work through years on job sites, but he doesn't actually know electrical with a "bet your life on it" type of confidence.... he knows gutters and should be the expert at all things gutters.

Know you best. Be the creator and builder. Don't try to be lawyer, accountant, etc. Let us help prevent cracks. Visit our Contact Us page - the inquiry is FREE.

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