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FAQ - Beyond Mechanic's Liens

Much discussion has taken place about various ways COVID-19 is already and will continue to impact the construction industry and tradesmen. These questions are beyond mechanic's liens and pertain to performance of actual jobs and what your contracts mean in the midst of the virus. What are your obligations? What are others' obligations to you? We can review your documents on existing projects and tell you what they mean.

Contractors will be impacted because down the chain, suppliers and other contractors will be affected. For example, whether everyone gets sick or quarantines per the CDC, where does that leave our contractors when schedules cannot be met, supplies cannot be obtained, workers don’t come to work, etc.? If you’re due to start a job, but the client indicates to hold off citing pandemic-related issues, what happens? If you’ve already purchased supplies, can you recoup monies? Can the client back out altogether and terminate for convenience given the crisis? If you get sick or have to quarantine but are due to start a job, what happens? What guidelines should be followed when there are federal, state and local modifications being issued regularly? Money is tied to schedules, and projects are already being impacted. Given these frequently asked questions, we wanted to share in case you hadn't thought of these things yet and so that you can also have a source for answers. We are here to serve you - we are All For Contractors.

Given these developments, we can assist you with heightened contract protection, adding language that is applicable to this time we are living in. Regular protections don't have the same meaning in a pandemic. We are amending existing and new clients’ contracts to include pertinent language that is necessary given this pandemic.

It certainly is an interesting time that we’ve entered, and we're here to help however we can. If you have a question or if we can assist you with Contract Review or Contract Drafting, please provide some information about you and how we can help on our Contact Us page.

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