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Georgia Contractors: 1st in line is A+

Whether you're a licensed "general contractor" or simply someone who contracts directly with a property owner to perform work, you're in luck in Georgia. Why you ask? You're in a great position to pursue a lien if you haven't been paid for work because you are immune from the tricky and sticky Notice to Owner requirement mandated by subcontractors. Again, why? In Georgia, by the mere fact that you've agreed on something directly with a property owner, that owner is deemed to be on notice that you might place a lien on their property should you not get paid.

Sometimes on a construction project or even home remodel, there is a string of subcontractors hired under one another, so it becomes less likely that the property owner knows of subcontractor #4 and thus, #4 along with subcontractor #1 and all other subs in the string, must submit a Notice to Owner.

If you've contracted directly with a property owner and haven't been paid, please check with us to see if the timing and other aspects line up for you to file a lien because at least having to comply with this particular notice isn't on the table. In construction law and more specifically the world of liens, this is one perk to being 1st in line and working directly with an owner in Georgia.

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