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What is leverage, and why is it so important in the contracting world? Simply, it's exertion of force by a lever - and a lever is used to apply pressure to move something or impact it's direction, much like with railroad tracks. The direction a project may go starts with your contract.

Having a couple things buttoned up in the compliance realm can make all the difference of having leverage or being behind the 8 ball on a project, especially if a payment issue arises or claim of defect. The biggest area we see leverage gained or lost is with your contract, whether a work order, proposal, or something more formal. The great thing about your contract - whatever form or style you use - is it's not something you have to tend to time and time again. We draft your document, get you squared away, and then you go back to bidding and building job after job. If it sounds simple, it actually is.

Think of cooking on a smoker or better yet, with a crockpot. You know... the set it and forget it concept? That's what we love to do - bring your contracts compliant so you're not breaking the law with every property you touch and committing a consumer protection or licensing board violation.

The leverage you create or lose instantly before even touching the work can mean 1) leaving dollars on the table that you otherwise would be owed or 2) you owing those dollars... just based on your contact language or terms and conditions. We have never reviewed a contract that didn't need our help.

Contact Us today! We draft contracts on a FLAT FEE basis because All For Contractors is All For You!

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