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PPE Resource For You!

We at All For Contractors try to be a resource in more ways than one for our contractors and businesses we serve. Today, we bring you a source for your PPE needs (personal protection equipment). Fluctuation in timely and available PPE can be challenging, but yet there are health and safety requirements implemented that mandate use of PPE, in everyday life and on job sites. What do you do if it's simply not available?

Solution = Gabby Shields! Gabby has direct access to manufacturers for PPE, product both domestically and internationally sourced. All products are manufactured in FDA approved manufacturing facilities, and all masks and products come with FDA registration certificates.

She has masks and sanitizer available in the U.S. and ready to ship now that are from an FDA approved facility. Your quantity needs, big or small, can be accommodated. Feel free to reach out to her for more details at (712) 890-9003.

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