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Punctuation Can = a Horror Story!

Bet you never thought "punctuation" and "horror" would be used in the same sentence!

Remember grade school grammar class and discussion of commas and semicolons? Don't forget those tricks your teacher told you because punctuation can leave a mark on your business.

The placement of punctuation and whether it's a comma or semicolon are important factors in contract documents that dictate many things, such as your obligations to others and their obligations to you. This can involve aspects of construction and price in the here and now, but even more importantly can affect your future. Do you really know what you're giving away amongst the legal talk in the document?

Quite often, people don't realize they're giving away their rights to get money damages for things that may happen in the future.

"I like to burn my money," said no one ever. Not having a trained eye review your contracts and advise before you sign can amount to burning your money.

Misunderstanding contracts can cost you millions or cause you to lose your business. Don't misunderstand and don't sign a document that can harm you. Let us review your contracts and put out fires before they start. We are your firefighting team. Contact Us because All For Contractors is All For You!

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