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Attn: California Contractors!

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

Job sites are stalling or being shut down around the country for a variety of reasons. Construction workers and tradesmen in California are being hit hard. You must know... California is particularly strict in terms of notice requirements.

You MUST submit a preliminary notice within 20 days of starting work or providing supplies to a project. This is 20 days from your FIRST DAY, not last day. Regardless of what happens on the job site later (it shuts down, it stalls for an inspection, etc.), whether it is justified or not, you still have to file this notice within 20 days of starting.

This notice is vital should you not get paid later. You cannot file a lien on a property without a timely filed notice - it is step 1. You deserve to be paid for work you've done, but deserving it is not enough. Be proactive with nonpayment prevention! In these crazy times, don't rely on good faith or a longstanding relationship with the person or company who hired you. A preliminary notice isn't personal. Don't regret not filing one. The virus is a pandemic, but nonpayment is quickly becoming our next crisis.

We can file all of your preliminary notices for $150 each. Whether one or several, we can handle this crucial step for you. Contact Us!

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