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Did you know... "Contract = Road Map"

A contract is a road map of mutual expectations. Imagine driving down the roadway with no paved lines. There would be inherent chaos. This can be avoided - have a clear contract, and know what it says and means in layman's terms. Often, business owners use a document for the sake of using a document but don't really know the implications of portions that are included, or even more importantly what may be missing. You wouldn't have a roofer fix a plumbing issue - there is something to be said for a construction attorney handling your construction matter.

Despite popular belief, contracts are not designed to be one-sided, and they are not just about payment. A solid contract spells out who does what and on what timeline and is as integral as your scope of work. However, one contract is not necessarily applicable for all of your jobs. There are distinctions between residential and commercial jobs - some states require particular disclosures in residential contracts that are not needed and simply add length in commercial contracts. Unnecessarily long documents can be intimidating, and there is no need for fluff. We know our contractors have projects to bid on and to complete - time is money. Don't get bogged down in paper and things not in your wheelhouse - delegate to us.

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