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Precision in Language: Words Matter!

Updated: Jul 13, 2021

I spoke with a friend yesterday, who mentioned she was finding new activities for her children during summer break. The latest involved extra chores for cash - the child would get 75 cents for every 2 mirrors cleaned. After a couple of hours had passed, her daughter came back reporting that she successfully cleaned 26 mirrors! Perplexed, my friend recounted in her head the 11 mirrors in her home. She asked, "How did you wash 26 mirrors?" Her daughter replied that she washed 5 mirrors on each of their cars (2 side mirrors, 2 pull down mirrors, and the rear view mirror), and they have 3 cars - vehicle mirrors alone totaled 15, which coupled with the 11 inside the home added up to 26 (over double what was anticipated). The qualifier of mirrors inside the home would've saved money and been more precise.

Words matter, and precision with language in your forms and contracts is crucial. While something may seem straight forward to you, it can prove invaluable to have an outside eye who lives in construction 24/7, handles every situation under the sun, and anticipates potential issues take a look at your documents to point out and discuss what you may not be seeing. Not doing so could cost you double as well.

We review contracts and forms for the service industry, mom-and-pop businesses, and multi-million dollar companies - residential, industrial, and commercial. We can draft and review your documents as well as review documents presented to you for signature on an ongoing basis for a fixed cost. It could be worth the free inquiry.

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