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Put on your oxygen mask first...

With the recent storms and tornadic destruction that ripped through several states, massive devastation calls for assistance and rebuilding in more ways than one. Whether out of passion, care, or other motivation, the desire to mobilize wells up inside oneself when watching news of the aftermath.

Before you can save anyone else, you must help yourself. If you've ever flown on an airplane, the flight attendant always says to put on your oxygen mask first during a crisis before trying to help others. This remains true in storm-related crises as well, but think about your business.

If you do more than volunteering and you conduct business in an affected area, do you have the proper business license? Contractor's license? Notified your insurance carrier? Have a contract that doesn't break the law in that locale?

Mobilization in a time of crisis gets an A+! Be smart, though, and don't get you or your business into trouble by seizing an opportunity without having your own house in order and being ready for it. On more than one occasion, I have seen bad situations result for contractors just trying to do good.

If you're not used to working in a particular county, there may be county-specific rules that you don't want to violate, let alone state rules if you cross state lines. If you are a licensed contractor in Tennessee, you are not authorized to do business in neighboring Kentucky. It is a new body of laws and regulations.

Interested in working in new areas? Contact Us to discuss an expedited action plan. Let us help you so that you can help others.

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