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Roof Fall = Up Your Proactive Game

Having been out of state triaging a roof fall incident (an alleged one, of course), we return with numerous takeaways, all of which are high on the totem pole - how could we possibly pick one as most important?

All boil down to being proactive, as opposed to reactive. Because we're real life janitors cleaning up situations, we see all that can go wrong. Word to the wise... 99% is preventable. Reacting to an incident that has already happened means you're on your heels and in crisis management mode. Choose order over chaos. Get out in front of what may go wrong; control what you can control because the unexpected can happen.

There is no substitute for being proactive - up your game! I guarantee you've heard the phrase, "The best defense is a good offense." It's true, even in construction. If you're thinking you'll drown in paperwork or don't know where to start, don't sweat it - you have All For Contractors. We have easy to implement solutions so you can keep wearing your contractor hat.

In a few minutes and a handful of questions later, we can know where you need to up your game. Contact Us - we can chat around your schedule because All For Contractors is All For You!

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