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State Rules Differ: Abide Accordingly

Often folks cause their own demise by failing to delve into another state's rules when taking on a project there. Having your local attorney take a look at documents to be used in another state is no winning shortcut or substitute for out-of-state counsel IN CONSTRUCTION (not divorces or estate planning). Why? A license is needed to practice in every state, and with that license comes knowledge and experience.

How does this translate?

1) Just because a contract is valid in one state does not mean it will be in another state. The words could mean nothing more than the paper on which they're written.

2) You think you'll get paid on a certain schedule. If you have a "pay when paid" contract in a state that doesn't honor that, you are now not getting paid on any schedule.

3) Protections you thought you had against getting sued likely are no longer as well.

4) You may not be in tax compliance. If you think the IRS is too busy to show up at your doorstep, think again.

5) You may be in violation of not just state, but also local rules in the other state.

Solution: Whether you've received or are presenting documents for signature, have eyes on the ground where the project resides.

Because of our intranational reach - construction attorneys licensed in most states - one call is all you need. Our A-Team can get you feedback quickly on documents in question. Ignoring rules or trying to get by can cost you far more time and expense than that of us taking a look. Reduce issues arising later. Reach out to us today!

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