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The "Way It's Always Been Done"

If you're operating your business the way you always have, even if you've been highly successful and had no or minimal payment issues, times have changed. You can't do what works in a normal world and expect it to work the same in a pandemic world.

If you ordinarily are very patient with clients in making payments, don't be. You can remain professional without falling prey to empty promises that then cause you to miss key deadlines to act. Nowadays and in months to come, there will be more empty promises than ever.

If you tend to avoid using forms to not scare new clients away, use forms. If they run, that's a red flag of what was to come.

*If you are not acutely aware of your state's deadlines to act if you haven't been paid, become informed TODAY! Become stronger in business now and conquer this crisis!

Each state has its own prerequisites and unforgivable deadlines. It's free to chat about this, so visit our Contact Us page.

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